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Flowrox Smart Solutionsover the past few years it has become obvious that our lives are going to change in such a dramatic way, our parents would be unlikely to recognise it. Information technology is already so advanced with artificial intelligence, automation of everything and of course the internet

Combining these things on one platform seems like a logical step, Flowrox are already in the advanced stages of Industrial Internet of Everything IIoE. By using the Mailbu platform we are able to offer “smart pumps and valves” that not only provide diagnostics for fault and condition feedback but can also provide real time performance data enabling tailored maintenance and operational information at the touch of a keypad, incidentally Flowrox already have VR (virtual reality) equipment under evaluation and application study

VR demo at the Old Fortress Lappeenranta 2017

We know that this level of technology may not always be greeted with open arms however, it is here NOW and if you are involved in plant design, procurement or “future proofing” your business or industry – the technology has arrived from Flowrox, always first, always the best


Flowrox Scaling Watch is a brand new pipeline monitoring system using ECT (Electrical Capacitance Tomography) a method of viewing a full cross sectional image of a pipeline condition, similar to a medical MRI scan

A section of pipeline is replaced with the Scaling Watch detection device and via a control panel with an industrial computer, a detailed image of the pipeline is produced and free volume index is calculated automatically, the system can be linked directly to site instrumentation

The ECT device is installed into the pipeline (line sizes currently 25mm < 300mm) connected to the control panel which produces outputs into your telemetry systems

Flowrox Scaling Watch is the perfect solution to planning pipeline maintenance programmes and delivering accurate chemical dosing of anti-scaling chemicals

Rather than routinely shutting your plant down because that’s the way you have always done it, see the condition in real time. Rather than over / under dosing of chemicals, have factual information of the pipeline condition at your desk

Plan to save money based upon facts Flowrox Scaling Watch


FlowroxPro is a new generation of communication for our industries linking a global network of expertise directly to the person talking to you. Working together we can reduce paperwork, and wasted time, the system communicates examples of your processes and demonstrates Flowrox products, technical papers, reference lists, drawings and manuals at the touch of a button

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Finnish company Process Genius developed this system with Flowrox to provide a global network of experience to you with current information about processes, applications and products

This simple graphic shows an example of  functions within a gold mining processing plant such as acid washing, separation, grinding etc, each part of the process has a drop down menu with process description and its function within the process

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From here we may look at the process details or perhaps an example of a Flowrox pump or valve in your application

Relevant product information can be downloaded or emailed to immediately, we can then go to process questionnaires, drawings, manuals, reference projects,

Lets talk about your processes and plant, we are solution providers


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FlowroxPro is designed to give us both time to discuss your applications in your industry make our time together efficient and beneficial

When we meet, ask to see FlowroxPro in action

The next stage of development could allow you to have your plant at your fingertips – watch this space

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