ServicesCheshire Pump Company supply pumps, valves and spares but we are much more than an equipment supplier.

Because we work so closely with our customers and suppliers we can also help develop processes and equipment to suit your business.

If you manufacture equipment and need pumps and valves developing to meet specific demands we can help, some of the equipment we can provide is already part of a wide variety of process plant. As shown above we helped a major European metal recycling company achieve first class reliability using Flowrox pinch valves for the isolation of abrasive and aggressive process streams.

We can help you design pumping systems and valve applications, we use manufacturer’s selection software, product specialists and 30 years experience to help you.

A well designed pumping system using roto-dynamic pumps such as submersibles will provide years of reliable cost-managed service. A poorly designed pipe system will cause years of unreliable service that costs money for exactly the same application.

Flowrox pinch valves used in control applications are invariably smaller than any other type of control valve, used correctly they have extremely long service intervals, poorly sized they will cost you money, provide the process information and we will recommend the valve size and materials.

We provide repair and service functions for some of our customers who have selected us for a quick response to problems and knowledge of pumps and valves. We may use specialist contractors for some site work such as entry into confined spaces or workshop repairs but on-site service is always managed by us.

For site surveys and project investigation we will provide PPE, photographic and test equipment where appropriate. We are happy to attend UK mainland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.