Submersible and Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal PumpsThese types of pumps are probably the most common design for general applications, more specialised designs have components such as seals and impellers suitable for specific fluids.

Submersible pumps are very useful and can range from small free standing units for simple drainage to large industrial use.

Pump and system design is a crucial for effective use of this type of pump, we can provide technical assistance to help you achieve the best from your applications.

These types of pumps are not generally suitable for pumping fluids of high viscosity or containing high levels of suspended solids, certain impeller designs will work but due to fluid dynamics the system curve will be changed and the pump performance curve will require correcting, remember that manufacturer’s curves are always shown based upon pumping water.

Talk to a pump and system specialist to size pumps, pipelines and valves.

The company owner worked for many years as Senior project engineer for one of the worlds leading submersible and centrifugal pump manufacturers — ABS Pumps.

Careful design at an early stage will help you achieve a reliable system with the lowest possible whole life cost of ownership.

Remember, only about 5% of a pumping system is capital cost, the rest is energy and maintenance, focus on the 95%.

Centrifugal Pumps

Exotic materials, magnetic drive, lined and non-metallic materials are all available for chemical and hazardous fluids and processes.