PVG Pinch Valves

he new Flowrox PVG range enhance the single acting pinch valve ranges for isolation applications for pumps, pipelines, silos, tanks and vessels

Previously the PVEG   range of non-metallic valves provided excellent service for this type of application from 50mm up to 150mm diameters

The new PVG range are available in 80mm,100mm, 150mm, 200mm 1nd 250mm sizes, up to 150mm

Pressure rating is 10 bar up to 150mm, larger sizes are 6bar rated, all with handwheel manual operation

The PVG and PVEG range are perfect for applications such as temporary pump installations in quarries, tank, silo and pumps isolation such as these at a UK metal recycling business in South Wales

Follow this link to download the PVG data sheet  Flowrox PVG


Manual non-metallic pinch valves