LPP-T Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic PumpFlowrox Peristaltic Pumps type LPP-T 25 (mm) up to the worlds largest peristaltic pump the LPP-T100 (mm)

Unique contra-rotating roller squeezes the pump hose rather than rubbing against it, this virtually eliminates friction, reduces lubricant level and extends hose life (see the how it works video clip or animation).

Continuous operation possible even at temperature and at maximum flow 20M3/hr at 10bar, 40M3/hr at 7.5bar, one compression per revolution.


Peristaltic PumpGuaranteed lowest whole life cost of ownership of any peristaltic pump.

One compression per revolution means friction, low friction means less heat, less heat means prolonged hose life and reliability.

Low friction allows minimal levels of lubricant required, this reduces your costs and minimises disposal of waste.



Peristaltic PumpPeristaltic Pump






Further Information

Flowrox peristaltic pumps can transfer highly abrasive media that has changeable viscosity and density, the LPP-T can also be operated in reverse to un-block plugged systems.

Only the pump hose is in contact with the process, one wear part in your stores.

Dry run capability, full vacuum, self-priming, zero flow leakage, full control using in-built or stand alone inverter drive system.