LPP-M Peristaltic Metering and Dosing Pumps

Chemical Dosing and Metering Pumps

There are two very important factors in dosing and metering processes, accuracy and repeatability, the Flowrox LPP-M pump range adds extra dimensions, simplicity and functionality, the LPP-M can be supplied in simple manual version to a fully programmable complex version

Simplicity, the LPP-M can be connected to virtually any industrial electrical supply and coupled to the process lines – “plug and play”

Functionality, from a basic manually adjustable version to the complex programmable unit the LPP-M is capable of flows up to 126 litres per hour at pressures up 8.6bar, maximum suction lift up to 9M (water), maximum viscosity 5000cP

Multiple pumps may be connected, self diagnostics and fault indication are standard and dry run capability, optional flow verification system

This means that even when the drum is empty, the pump will not fail, it will create a local alarm or remote fault signal

Combined with ultra-reliability this makes the LPP-M a unique product with a wide range of application potential, the pump can be transferred into many different applications with minimal modification, simply change the hose and re-set the pump

Suitable for industries such as chemical transfer, oil and gas, power generation, industrial cooling plants, cement, block and aggregate production, ceramic production, mineral recovery and processing, food and beverage manufacture

Flowrox LPP-M metering and dosing pumps