Flowrox Progressive Cavity Pump

  • Flowrox Progressive Cavity Pumps using unique “spiral” Stator design.
  • Lowest whole life cost per M3/revolution of any comparable pump.
  • Precision 2/ 3 lobe rotor with spiral stator technology and rotatable connection chamber enables small installation footprint.
  • – E & CS series 2 to 220M3/Hr @ 400rpm – 10bar maximum pressure
    – EL series 4 to 190M3/Hr @ 250rpm – 6bar maximum pressure
    – D series 0.5 to 0.65M3/[email protected] – 12bar maximum pressure

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             Progressive Cavity Pump


  • For transfer of industrial fluids, pastes and slurries.
  • Seal assembly can be accessed without removing from pipeline or dismantling Pump and motor assembly.
  • High efficiency, low power consumption, long service life.

Progressive Cavity Pump

  • The Flowrox patented seal assembly can be accessed in minutes.
  • The precision 3D spiral technology with 2-lobe rotor geometry allows for a robust, compact pumping unit compared to conventional progressive cavity pumps.
  • All Flowrox progressive cavity pumps have a smaller interference between the rotor and stator reducing friction and starting torque and higher pumping efficiency.


Flowrox Progressive Cavity Pumps for transfer of:-

  • Water, wastewater and effluent streams, paper and pulp, paint and pigment, wood processing, brewery and beverage industry, biomass, lime slurry, mining, mineral processing, sugar and molasses, agricultural waste, ship waste, metal production, brick production all industrial slurries.
  • If it can be pumped, Flowrox are likely to have already done it somewhere in the world using PC Pumps or Peristaltic Pumps.