Flowrox Manual Pinch Valves



 Only one wear part, one part in your stores

Positive opening tags prevent sticking

100% full bore when open, 100% sealed when closed

 Sleeves materials to suit your application

 Pressure ratings from 1bar up to 100bar

 Open, closed and sealed body designs

Flowrox pinch valves, for abrasive and aggressive process streams



Manual Valves

Flowrox Manual Valve

Flowrox Manual Valve









          To select the best product for your application please note the following:

  • These valves may be used for control and isolation.
  • We need to understand your application to ensure that you have the most suitable product, please complete the simple enquiry data page and email back (link to sheet).
  • If you would like to see similar projects to your process please view our Testimonials page or simply email your an outline of your process and request references