Flowrox Automatic Pinch Valves

Flowrox Automatic ValvesFlowrox automatic pinch valves, 50mm < 1000mm, pneumatic, hydraulic and electric actuator options (specials possible).

Abrasion resistant, remote control and monitoring, high cycles to service. Accurate selection using Flowrox software, lowest whole life cost.

Actuated control and isolation valves for vacuum < 100bar, optional flange drilling pattern, body and sleeve material.

Abrasion resistant automatic pinch valves for control and isolation applications. Cast iron, fabricated steel, AISI316 SS or Aluminium body materials.

Unique sleeve design with reinforcing chords allow maximum open/close service intervals.

Valve selection designed to your process stream using Flowrox software based upon IEC60534 harmonised with ANSI/IS S75. Double acting (closes from two sides).

Flowrox Automatic ValveFlowrox Automatic Valve







To select the best product for your application please note the following: –

  • Due to the unique Flowrox pinch valve design, they are invariably smaller diameter than virtually any other process valve.
  • We select these valves based upon process data, not pipeline diameter.
  • A simple process data sheet will be emailed to you which will follow your project from enquiry to manufacture.