Expulse Pulsation Dampener

The Flowrox Expulse unit provides a unique solution to system pressure peaks during the operation of positive displacement pumpsĀ Expulse Brochure

ZERO electrical requirements using only Flowrox expertise in hose technology to solve the problems of pressure spikes

In the UK we have experience of peristaltic pumps such as the Flowrox LPP-T in filter feed applications, generating pulsations peaking at 6bar without the dampener. Once correctly installed and set up, this was virtually eliminated to a barely measurable 0.1bar at the same point in the process

Available in screwed or flanged connections in sizes from Dn32mm up to Dn100mm Expulse will eliminate over 90% of line pulsations preventing plant wear and pipeline structural loads, ideal for critical applications such as Filter Feed where internal plates or filter media may be damaged by pulsation or where the process stream is delicate or perhaps of variable viscosity – shear thinning for example