Backflow Prevention Valves

Prevention ValvesFlowrox backflow prevention valves from 75mm up to 1200mm and larger specials, stops backflow of fluids and debris entering water courses, sewers and outfalls.

Zero energy requirement, no moving parts, maintenance free operation.

Available in flanged, slip-on and slip-in design for easy retro-fitting into existing systems.


Prevention ValvesUsed on pumped systems, the Larflex valve ensure that the rising main is clear and will work effectively when required.

On tidal systems the valve will prevent the outfall silting up during periods of inactivity.

Maintenance free the valves are ideal for applications in remote areas.



Prevention ValvesWhen used in submerged conditions, the external pressure helps create and effective external seal.

Careful selection ensures that a balanced system is achieved under gravity flow or pumped design.

Ideal for dry docks, canals, land drainage schemes, axial flow high volume pumping systems.


Prevention ValvesUsing slip-on design and high grade stainless steel fixings the valve can be easily fitted to existing drains.

Alternative fixing methods such as slip-in enable fitting to existing civil structures.

Flanged types can be supplied to your drilling pattern.