Flowrox Pinch Valves

Pinch valves are an excellent solution for all shut-off and control applications, using Flowrox pinch valves add a new dimension – ABRASION RESISTANCE In its simplest form, a Flowrox pinch valve has an elastomeric sleeve inside the valve body that is compressed to provide control or isolation function. Flowrox pinch valves can be considered two ways, by function or design Function – it is critical to understand the difference between isolation and control, obviously an isolation valve will be fully open or fully closed Flowrox valves for this application may be one of two types, single acting (closes from one direction) or double acting valves (close from opposing directions) Flowrox valve By design the Flowrox pinch valves may be non-metallic single acting PVEG range metallic body single acting PVG range, open body, double acting PV range or closed body double acting PVE range (see manual or automatic links below) Further design options are manual or automatic types. Automatic valves may use hydraulic, pneumatic or motor driven actuation Control valves are generally automatic types, typically pneumatic actuated but not always Selecting a control valveĀ is not done by using the pipeline size, we must understand the fluid and system dynamics upstream and downstream of the valve to ensure that the correct valve is used. We select control valves using Flowrox software which provides data to International standards Click each link to take you to the relevant page or simply send your enquiry to us Dont forget, Flowrox pinch valves have ONE WEAR PART – the easily replaced valve sleeve, one spare part on your inventory, low cost, short down time low environmental impact

Manual non-metallic pinch valves

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