Pump and valve success during 2016

Automatic valve (A)Cheshire Pump Company wins large order for automatic pinch valves 2016

During 2016 we received an enquiry from a UK contractor for replacement automatic pinch valves for an offshore platform, the valves are all pneumatic actuated types from the PVE range

The specification required full 3.1 traceability for materials of construction (316 stainless steel) documentation included drawings, certificates of origin, factory test certificates and operating and maintenance manuals

The valves were completed on time and delivered to the UK contractor with documentation


Cheshire Pump Company wins large pump order 2016

After some months of design discussions we won an order for large 8omm peristaltic pumps type LPP-T80 and Flowrox Expulse  pulsation dampeners for a leading UK chemical manufacturer

wp_20161019_015The pumps are used for filter feeding, operating at high volume flow during the bulk fill sequence then lower flow / speed but higher pressures for final stages the pumps and pulsation dampeners worked extremely well and the client is looking install more pumps and Expulse units

The Expulse unit prevents pulsations causing operational issues to the filter press plates, monitoring the system enabled us to measure, record and the change the Expulse internal pressure to operate at optimum performance when the pulsations are greatest

We have also now sold the Expulse unit into a Nuclear power station that was operating a competitors pump that was vibrating and pulsating badly, a simple installation minimised the pulsation reducing the vibration to a manageable level


Flanged connection


Screwed connection