Flowrox Launch the new LPPT-100 the largest peristaltic pump in the world

Flowrox have launched the worlds largest continuously rated peristaltic pump the LPPT-100

The new LPPT-100 is continuously rated for the transfer of heavy media up to 100M3/Hr even at high temperature at pressures up to 10bar

Using the unique Flowrox roller design, the pump will deliver 31 litres per single 360 degree revolution and still only requires 25 litres of lubricant

Flowrox expands the way you think about handling heavy duty media processes, from thickening plant and mineral production to chemical dosing of abrasive and aggressive fluids

Flowrox has the lowest whole life cost of ownership, BIG valves, BIG pumps  BIG ideas

The pump will be on show at Achema this month, see the press release  LPP-T100_PressRelease