Power, Energy and Flue Gas Desulphurisation

Power Energy

Power stations and energy plants of most types have many applications for pumps and valves.

The majority of the processes with the plants will be abrasive and aggressive e.g. lime slurry, dry ash and ash slurry handling, raw water, gypsum slurry.

Flowrox peristaltic pumps, pinch valves and slurry knife gate valves are the best solution for reliability and lowest whole life cost.

Flowrox peristaltic pumps are suitable for applications from chemical dosing to heavy duty transfer of abrasive and aggressive process streams, Flowrox pinch and slurry knife gate valves have replaceable sleeves and ring seals respectively.

What this means to you is that there is only one wear part, one part in your stores and if the process changes so can the sleeve or hose, no need to change the whole pump or valve.

The pumps and valves are bi-directional, this means that if you needed to reverse the pump direction to clear a plugged flow – you can, if there is a need to back-flush a system through an isolation valve – you can.

Power Energy

Products suitable for this industry

  • Flowrox LPP-M pumps for chemical dosing
  • Flowrox LPP-D pump for low volume transfer and dosing of abrasives.
  • Flowrox LPP-T transfer of heavy abrasive media, lime slurry, bottom ash (wet).
  • Flowrox PVEG valves, single acting isolation valves, low cost, lightweight design.
  • Flowrox PV/PVE/PVES and PVS double acting pinch valves for isolation and control.
  • Flowrox LKW/LKF and LKH slurry knife gate valves for isolation of abrasive media.
  • Flowrox LRD rotating disc isolation valves for isolation of abrasive media.
  • Flowrox heavy duty slurry non-return valves.