Pneumatic Conveying

PneumaticFlowrox actuated pinch valves are ideal for most pneumatic conveying systems.

Using pneumatic actuators combined with quick exhaust valves and correct sleeve selection will provide the lowest whole life cost of ownership.

Opening tags on the valve sleeve ensure positive and fast opening under all conditions, instrumentation options provide position sensing, proximity switches, fail safe close / open, sleeve monitoring.

Pneumatic conveying is considered in three general applications, Dilute phase, Medium phase and Dense phase each having different characteristics with regard to pressure and air to product ratio.

Flowrox pinch valves are ideal for all three of these applications combining abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high open/close cycle rates, freedom from jamming or sticking, suitability for food and pharmaceutical products.

Only the valve sleeve is in contact with the process stream, this means that this is the only wear part, it can be changed quickly. If the product crystallises or becomes attached to the sleeve, it will detach and clear when the valve cycles.

Pneumatic  Conveying

Industrial applications

  • Chemical: Lexan, Silica, Zinc, Baryte, Bentonite, Aluminium, Glass, Titanium Tioxide, Paint Pigments
  • Energy: coal, ash, gypsum, calcium
  • Foodstuff: Milk, Sugar, Kieselguhr
  • Non-Metal Mineral: Cement, Calcium Carbonate, Coal, Alumina, Calcium Stearite, Carbon, Sand, Coke, Concrete, Gypsum, Clay

Industries / mediums (powders):

  • Metal Miner: Lead, Mill Scale, Ni+Cu, Lexan, Bentonite, Metal Dust, Metal Oxides, Chrome, Ash P&P: Magnesium Oxide, Fly Ash, Calcium Carbonate.