Nuclear Industry

While we have had great success in the field of nuclear decommissioning projects it is not possible to reveal too much about specific details for confidentiality reasons

We can however outline the applications and be a little more specific about the equipment supplied

Automatic valves were supplied to provide isolation of pipeline flows in sludge recovery systems at a number of UK plants

Automatic valve (A)

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The valves supplied were pneumatic actuated pinch valves in closed body design. Using Flowrox pinch valves means that only the valve sleeve is in contact with the process stream, so theĀ valves were metal construction with abrasion resistant sleeves, pneumatic actuators also had fail safe close / open arrangement dependant on the application

Some of the valves used in very aggressive environments had 316 stainless steel construction and abrasion resistant sleeves

We are currently working on more projects some using vacuum systems for sludge recovery in cooling ponds, for vacuum systems Flowrox have special sleeves for vacuum systems as shown below

As you can see the vacuum sleeve on the left uses additional reinforcing in the center section to assist in operation in full vacuum condition, combined with the opening tags, this provides excellent opening under all conditions

Vacuum sleeve

Vacuum sleeve

Standard sleeve

Standard sleeve